Production & Shipping


At first, all mats should be produced. We don't keep any stock, we print mats "on demand". Vinyl and Fabric mats are produced during a week, Mouse Pad Neoprene Rubber mats are produced in a week too, though, this production line sometimes is overloaded.  


SLA (photopolymer) printing on printers of the following models:

  1. Anycubic Photon Mono 4K
  2. Anycubic Photon Mono X

Resin: Anycubic ABS-Like Resin+ and Anycubic ECO UV Resin (last one will be finished soon)

In reality, 3D printing is much more complex than what is shown in videos! To get a pleasant miniature ready for painting, we have to work hard.

So, first of all, supports in the 3D model are set (if they are not) and the miniature is prepared for printing.

The printing process is automated: the printer illuminates the layers of resin in the right order, forming the miniature from liquid resin. This is what a 3D printer is for!

After printing, the miniature is cleaned in two baths with alcohol. The first is the "dirty" alcohol for basic cleaning.

Then the miniature is placed in an ultrasonic bath with clean isopropyl alcohol. The power of ultrasound is no more than 60 watts to protect the miniature from damage. Two cleaning periods of 3 minutes each with intermediate rinsing.

Next is a water solution with a degreaser and a temperature of 55 degrees. Above 60 degrees, the miniature cannot be heated to avoid damaging the resin. Even resins with a specified range up to 70 degrees in reality may not survive 60.

Then, while the miniature is hot, we remove the supports. The most labor-intensive stage!

Next is warm water to remove residual degreaser.

Dry the miniature at room temperature

Additional illumination of the miniature in the camera with ultraviolet light. 2 times for 2 minutes with a coup.




Most units will be shipped from Russia, keep it in mind, please.

Russian Post is the most cost-effective shipping method. We always pack our creations very reliably, so, the main difference is speed. Parcels of weight less than 2kg (all vinyl and fabric mats) are shipped by air shipping. Usual shipping time is 2-3 weeks.

Parcels heavier than 2kg (terrain sets and mouse pad mats bigger than 36*36 inches) are shipped by ground shipping as standard. It even can be sea shipping (depending on your location). In such case, shipping may take up to 30-60 days. It is normal. If you need air shipping, please, choose it.

DHL and EMS - is our choice for express shipping. They guarantee high speed and "door-to-door" delivery. DPD is our reserve courier partner. Gaming mats are always packed in a carrying case: cardboard for vinyl mats, felt bag for fabric mats and long black bag for neoprene mouse pad mats. Rubber mats are additionally packed in carton boxes. 


You will get tracking codes for your parcels (all shipping methods).


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