What kind of material do you use for mats?

For our vinyl mats we use vinyl (PVC) sheets. They are 1 mm thick, soft enough to roll it in a tube. We can describe it as rubber with synthetic threads inside, that makes it very solid.

We also have neoprene rubber mats (mouse pad). They are made of synthetic fiber with 2mm rubber backing. They are soft, pleasant to touch, and don't slip on the table. They also muffle dice rolling noize.

Neoprene rubber is resistant to scratch and water, so you can even wash it. The color won't fade or wear out.

Fabric mats are made of thick polyester. The only material which is safe to keep folded. Can be washed in a washing machine at 60 C. Light and portable material.

Can a top layer of Mouse Pad rubber mat come apart?

I use my mat for 2 years and didn't meet this problem. Also, edges are in a rather good condition. Hard everyday use may make edges a little shabby.

Why your mats are more expensive than others?

Mostly because of bag or tube included in package. Although, our production is rather expensive. Mouse pad mats are also heavy for shipping, that's why it costs.

Can I fold it?

As for the neoprene mats, they can be folded for a short period. But there's a nice bag shipped with them - why not to put it there? 

Vinyl mats: please, don't fold! Fabric mats are ok to be folded.

How can I use your mats?

You can set a vinyl mat on a gaming table with glue or nails. Neoprene sticks to the table and doesn't need any fixation. Or you can just put it on a floor and play.

Vinyl mats might need some time to lay flat after transportation in the tube, while neoprene is always ready to play.

What about an image on a mat? Is it solid?

Only strikes by sharp edges of wooden, stone or metal terrain can damage our vinyl mat, because inks are INSIDE it, not just ON it. Slight scratсhes can be noticed, but they do not destroy image (do not destroy inks).

Neoprene is extremely durable - you can damage the paint only by tearing the mat itself. The same about fabric mats.

What about the image quality?

We use pictures of very high definition - so you'll see each detail without pixels and defects. For example, the definition of a 72 x 48 mat is 21600x14400.

What does "layout" mean?

If you want, we can mark standard deployment zones for your favorite wargame with thin lines. We also have universal layouts such as squares or hexes. 

How can I carry it?

We provide our carrying case for every parcel. A tube for vinyl and a bag for neoprene rubber.

Can I order a special size?

Everything is possible. Write us and we'll discuss any of your ideas.

How can I track my order?

Just after your order is shipped (not more than a week usually), our manager sends you tracking number, which will help you easily track the parcel.

What are alternative payment methods?

In addition to the usual ones, we use Payoneer and support local bank transfers in USA and EU.