About Warzone Studio

Warzone Studio designs and produces wargaming mats, terrain and accessories for table games and model building.


In 2012 I tried to found a cheap and a fast way to have a battle board. Those days only MDF boards and plastic ones from GW were available. Expensive and hard to store in a flat. I was working as a photographer and understood that mats can be printed on industrial plotters rather easy. 

I printed one for me, then one local club ordered another one. I found that idea is interesting. There were tons of free reposts from my social page. Free ad!

Exactly at my Birthday, 17 of October I decided to run the studio as a business and it had a great success. 

Everyone has already seen that we have launched 3D miniature printing. My father encouraged me to take this action. Due to the hikes in prices for wood and due to age, he no longer coped with his furniture production . No pleasure, no money, no work in his small town (or work for 200 usd/months). 

Since 1993 he was engaged in game console business (Nintendo, Sega) and toys of those years - transformers and others. Now he interested to work in our studio. We decided to develop the 3d direction. Fortunately, he has more than enough space and knowledge to work with machines and chemistry. We will constantly expand our miniature park. 

PS. Time has passed and my father began to play games again, Heroes of M&M 4, as usual. Paints miniatures. Bought an airbrush (if you buy an assembled and primed miniature, he will prime it.) Maybe he will start to paint minis too. That's how it goes.

Our aim is: to paint your and our life with vivid colours!


Our advantage is a team of artists and illustrators that feel the style and construct new worlds for you. This creative approach and the sense of style make us different from others.


Modern machines and materials provide a precise manufacturing and a long life of our products. They ideally suit hard matches in clubs and friendly home games.

If you are creating a table game - our team is ready to help you with a visual part: to design cards, boxes, mats and other elements.


We are citizens of Earth. Our creations are available for order all over the world.

For global customers we are Individual entrepreneur Kirill Sobolev Romani from Armenia, TIN: 57460927, registration number: 29.1324944 But most units will be shipped from Russia, keep it in mind.

For some parts of world, we are Private Entrepreneur Kirill Romanovich Sobolev, EIN 692001700436


We are glad to hear your wishes, custom orders, commercial proposals.

Write us!