Warhammer 2019 spring big F.A.Q.

   So, the long-awaited spring F.A.Q. is released. Has it changed much? Let’s find out. Today we’ll look at the main update- without mentioning ones for the factions, nonetheless, there are also some changes there.

   First, we see a block of clarifications for the basic rules. And it really scares – we are told that we can’t place the miniatures over the battlefield edge. Along with the clarification of what wobbly model is, and how do reserves work. Well, at least, we don’t need the prohibition to eat miniatures during the game. Well, there’s still no rule, that prevents you from it!

   Rules, mentioned here, have been in the game since it’s creation, but only now they started to require clarification. Quite an expectable result of such rules simplification.

   Besides the jokes, there are some useful changes – FLY units now surely don’t ignore terrain while charging. As well as buildings you take into the roster. However, they ignore models, which is nice and makes them a bit useful. While just moving, they can ignore everything.

   There’s a huge attention to flying models – it was quite obvious that planes can’t work in the same way, jump units do. But not for the gamedesigners. Nos there’s a new keyword AIRCRAFT – which works with every FLY unit, that has minimum-maximum movement range. Now they can be ignored by other figures while moving. Quite logical – they are in the air anyway. So, you can move in 1-inch range from them without getting into close combat. Sure, you can’t stay on their bases.

   Also, they’ve forbidden to charge from the destroyed vehicle – which is quite logical and was missed in the initial rules.

   The other part just confirms the beta rules, which were implemented before. Now we officially have bolter discipline, but with some nuances – without vehicles now (except for dreadnaughts) and only for space marines. Death Watch also can’t double the shooting, if they use their special ammunition. In general, the changes were required, but some people have already glued the bolters to their Repulsors….

   Also, we have the stratagem that gave cover to all the units at the first turn, if you go second (except for the aircrafts and fortification), mechanics of reserves and limited command points restoration just as they were in beta rules. So, now we can say almost for sure – if a rule appears in beta, it will almost certainly become a must for everyone.

   Next, we have some notes about particular factions’ balance – Imperial Knights, Eldar, Genestealers and Assassins. If you don’t play for these factions, you’ll likely to be happy, since the changes nerf these guys, but don’t break overall balance of the game.

   And…that’s it. No new beta-rules, no unexpectable changes, no balance review. This make us think that the redaction is finally complete, and there’re nothing to change radically. In fact, we can already think about the next one – that will include all the changes and work evolutionary. Also, we can now say that making short rules was a mistake – these leave too much space for changes and too many questions.