Top-5 changes in the new Tyranids codex

   So, here is the new Tyranids codex. And considering the player's reaction, it’s really great. We’ve gathered here top-5 changes that Tyranid players liked.

   1- There are changes in many units which were already good in the Index. We can see the invuln increase – to 4++ for the Tyrants and to 3++ for Swarmlord in close combat. Quite effective. When Indexes were released, it seemed that GW was afraid to give units 3++ or the chance to get it. But now we can see how it gradually returns into the game. Let’s hope that 1000 Sons will get back their 4++…

   2- The tail attack used to substitute one attack with the usual weapon which was quite disturbing – why should Hive Tyrant who has 6/-3/3 attacks spend one of them to hit 6/0/D3? Now the tail attack goes in addition to the others, everything as it should be – nice bonus without any inconvenience.

   3- If two new species of carnifexes aren’t enough, the standard one has become more versatile. You can adjust it to any playing style and make any weapon more effective using biomorphs.  BS 3+ and 24 shots with devourers? Easy. Lots of attacks in close combat with charge bonuses and mortal wounds in base contact? Done. So, now Carnifex isn’t a burden anymore – with the increased durability and all these abilities it is a real danger for any enemy.

   4- A great upgrade for Tyrannofex – Rupture cannon used to have only 2 shots with an unintelligible 102 profile, which got better only if both shots hit. Now it has 3 shots and 10/-3/D6 from the outset – a significant difference. The weapon, which is supposed to rip the tanks apart, according to its background, now can really do it.

   5 - Neurotrophe has moved to the HQ slot which made him even better. A psyker able to cast 2 psychic powers with re-roll of 1-s, healing itself and sharing these bonuses with Zoantrophes – isn’t that a reason to take a Supreme Command Detachment for a bunch of these guys?

   Sure, there are some black ships. For example – Deathleaper can no longer be set up 1 inch from the enemy characters. This significantly decreases the ability to fight characters with <10 wounds. Also, Old One Eye who used to get bonus attacks for every successful hit, now gets them only on 6+.

   There’s also many good things about the army special rules. Hive fleet adaptations let you choose any gaming style you want – Kronos gunline, Hydra mass gaunts, or Behemoth alfa-strike. No matter what is your favorite tactics you will find a solution in Tyranids army. Sure, there are themed artefacts, stratagems, traits and all this stuff. In 6 edition Tyranids used to be a useless army with lots of weird special rules. Now they can be a sharp instrument able to adjust to any combat mission.