Water terain tips

   Today we'll talk about how to improve your gaming table or diorama with the water surface. A lot of wargamers would like to make it, but don't dare to try, nonetheless the idea lies on the surface.

   The easiest way is to draw water. Sure, it won't look realistic, but it's the cheapest idea.

   Don't forget to add different shades - the deeper, the darker.

   Some epoxies or glues give the water effect when curdle. You need to paint the surface first, and then apply epoxy. This gives an effect of still shallow water.

   Styrofoam glue starts chaotically move and gives nice foam after it contacts the air. It's a nice way if you need to imitate waterfall or streamline. Sure, you need to paint the construction after it dries.

   The water can be...molded. With the sheets of pressed styrofoam, covered with putty or green stuff you can imitate realistic waves. 

   You also need to paint such water and then cover with varnish or epoxy like we discussed before.

   And the most realistic way, which isn't obvious for many people for some reason. Special mixtures, imitating water.

   Almost every model's manufacturer produces such mixtures, however the price is high.

   They are a kind of liquid transparent plastic, which hardens after the contact with the air. You can make it of any shape.

   The instructions can differ from one manufacturer to another, so read the manual carefully. Such water looks like the real one.