Ideas for rock terrain

   Today we'll discuss some ideas about how to make rocks for your gaming board.

   In fact, there are a lot of concepts. You can make rocks from almost anything. Plaster, plastic, cork, building foam - the problem is not in the material but in the shape. Sometimes it's hard to create a nice looking realistic shape. So, here are some nice examples of how it can be done to look like real rocks.

   Isolative foam is still one of the beat materials. Several pieces on each other will let you create different levels and covers. Sand, glued on PVA will bring a nice texture. The main thing is to imitate rough edges with a knife. 

   However, you can make your rocks small rather than huge. Small adaptive stones will make your gaming board more diverse and interesting.

   It's a good idea to make a base from the thick carton and cover it with the same sand or grass that is on the rocks. It will smoothen the space between the rocks and the gaming board and make it look like one single ensemble. Especially if the color matches. 

   You can place some trees, bushes or reinforcements on the rocks. Everything that makes them more realistic. 

   Another popular material is cork. It's great both for bases and for rocks imitation. 

   The foam is better for huge rocks which you can climb onto, while cork allows you to make small rocks which are the part of the landscape. It's great when you need to fill the space between the big objects so that your gaming board wouldn't look empty.

   You can also make big rocks from cork. You just need a lot of layers put one on another. 

   If you combine the rocks with the real sand, stones, and wood, you may get the construction which is almost the same as real rocks.