Trenches terrain

   Today we'll look trough some ideas of how to make realistic trenches for your wargames. Such terrain is useful in almost every game system - whether it's a historical one or sci-fi. The only difference is decoration, the building process is the same.

   As usual - the most complex way is to create the whole table. It's done like a lava table - you need insulation foam for the ground and a cutting tool for it. A sharp knife is also fine. 

   Sure, it's awesome and realistic, but it leaves you few variants if you decide to change the landscape on your table. And it takes much time and effort. 

   If you like to change your realm of battle, modular reinforcements are your choice. They are slightly higher than the table's surface and can be used everywhere in any combinations.

   You can also try different interior and exterior. Don't forget to make the construction so high that your soldiers could hide behind it.

   It can be made from the same foam, applied onto the wooden or carton base.

   There's the way even easier. Just substitute your trench with a simple fence. You won't need foam in that case and if you make ground level higher from the one side, it will look like a trench from some points. And it works completely the same in gameplay.

   And the easiest method - just buy a set of terrain. All you need to do is to paint it. Citadel trenches look great, but unfortunately, they don't match historical wargames.