Wargaming terrain made of trash

   Sometimes terrain is easier than you think. We've found some interesting ideas about terrain made of cans and other trash.

   Usual teen cans or Pringles cans can become a base for nice industrial terrain. As you can see, it doesn't require any rare or expensive materials - you can find everything you need at home.

   Sure, you need nice painting. It makes a toxic refinery from a usual can. 

   It doesn't work well only for sci-fi terrain - fantasy towers can also be made of Pringles.

   If you use imagination you can combine even laser-cut terrain and the one made of trash. 


   By the way, teen cans can be used to make other metal constructions. Orks will be glad! 

   In general, everything can become a piece of terrain. Even empty cartridge containers. You just need to be handy enough.

   If you do right, it can be hard to tell what your terrain is made of.