Terrain for Warhammer 40k: hand made ruins

This technology is close to modern block-buildings, that are made from many similar parts.
It gives you ability to make many copies. Also, it looks great.



• Alabaster (gypsum)

• PVC sheet

• Copper wire

• Glue

• Water

• 2 straight hands (it's russian joke, i think)


So, let's start!


1. Main step - to create casting-form. Check first photo. 4 crossbar interconnected with wire and fixed on PVC sheet. Square blocks are fixed with wire in places, where  windows are.

2. Alabaster is mixed, laid out and shaped, it takes 5 minutes, another 15 minutes for waiting until it hardens.

3. Take it from form. You can easily make all the panels in one evenening.

The shape can be easily upgraded for your needs.
HINT! Try to remove the plaster before it completely hardens on the surface, you can get a very pleasant relief. Also, Alabaster is well treated even after the final curing, so that the potholes, traces of bullets and other relief is made after main work. 
Result is harsh and brutal, just as needed for destroyed city!





Text and photos after Ragnarok Ganner