Swamp terrain

   Swamp battles are an essential part of Malifaux and many other fantasy and sci-fi wargames. We've collected some ideas of how to create a swamp battleboard in many different ways.

   Sure, you'll have to think about water imitation first, if you want your marsh to look realistic. And don't forget that this water shouldn't look transparent - add some paint either into the mix itself or onto the surface before applying the imitation.

   Such small pieces of terrain will help you to imitate a swamp almost anywhere. And they will add options to your gameplay - it's up to you, whether to make this terrain impassible, or just difficult for your units. 

   You can imitate moss by adding some grass into the water imitation and then covering it with another layer of gloss. Also, don't forget about bushes, rotten trees and other terrain elements around the water.

   And like with any other terrain, you can make it modular and dig the swamp in the battleboard. A great way if you have enough time and skills.

   Here you can see an example of what you can get if you are handy enough to surround your swamp with such realistic grass. Looks incredibly realistic, however, not really suitable for miniatures.

   And sure, the easiest way- to buy a battle mat with swamp texture. It may look not so realistic as water imitation but you can easily take it anywhere, it's easy to transport and suitable for any terrain. And doesn't require much time and money. 

   And here are some examples of highly detailed works which include not only water but all trees, bushes and constructions, you could possibly find at a swamp.

   Such terrain is especially suitable for Malifaux since small battleboard of this kind looks logical and not too complicated and gameplay favors such terrain.