Awesome Star Wars miniatures

   Awaken Realms has recently published new awesome painted Star Wars army. So, it' inspired us to some ideas of how you could play with such miniatures.

   It's obvious that you can create battles using standard rules like Warhammer (if you want it easier) or Malifaux (if you want it more complicated). But how to play Jedi battles so that it could be really deep and realistic.

   Technically, we've taken some ideas from X-Wing. So, both players take turns at the same time. You have a choice of battle styles each of them with different bonuses to attack and defense. And strategies - defensive and aggressive. 

   After both players have made a choice they uncover their cards and compare points. Besides, it would be nice to add random factor - add D6 to the points of the chosen strategy. It won't let one strategy to prevail over the others. Depending on your tactics, you attack or defend yourself. So, if the attack points are higher, the defense is broken. And vise verse.  

   Some stands give you a chance to counter-attack if the attack failed. If both players have chosen attack strategy, they both take damage. Besides different characters have bonuses depending on their faction and race.

   Sure, it's just a raw idea, which needs to be improved and thought over. You can try something like this and share the results. Anyway, there are not many Star Wars wargames.