Nighthaunt Spirit Hosts

   New technical paints for spirits are coming to the stores. We've found some examples how to do it without them. We don't pretend to be the authors of any of these miniatures. If you've found something yours - write us and we'll put a credit.

   Spirit Host are a common sight amongst the armies of the dead, a horde of ethereal ghosts that swarm across the battlefield where neither blade nor bullet and find purchase. 

   It is these tortured spirits that can be called forth by the necromantic power of a Vampire, channeling Dark Magic so that the roaming ghosts can manifest themselves. Necromancers must undergo a stranger process still to bind the souls of men, sending their own spirits to the underworld.

   On the field of battle, these vengeful apparitions cluster together into hosts that drift slowly towards their warm-blooded victims with terrible inevitability. Even a cannonball strike will not damage a Spirit Host, for they exist only partially in this world. 

   However, their twilight state does anything but render these spirits harmless. The ghost of a cursed man can claw at a mortal's flesh with long, taloned hands, stilling the victim's beating heart with a touch and killing him outright even as his eyes widen in shock.