Warriors of Ultramar

It is one of the most interesting conversions i ever met. Great idea+realisation. There is plenty of conversions, models, dioramas and other stuff in the world of miniatures now. But Ian Roy surprised us with this colorful mix of grimdark and lush stile of street pimp from USA.

It goes without saying, that the most bright part of this miniature is a flying Cadillac (or what is it?), tuned and stylized by Adeptus Mechanicus. It is simple car model with some details and symbols of Ultramarines. Now it looks like "Chapter Master on a bike".

Many parts are made of greenstuf. Seems that author likes sculpting more than painting.
He swore (very rude) a lot about painting process and his aerograph.


But in the end, this project was finished. We thank Emperor and Ian Roy for this. 









Whole this cart plays as:

• Chapter Master

• on a bike

• artificer armor

• Bitchbreaker (The Burning Blade)

• The (Wind)Shield Eternal

 So, that's it. Bitchbreaker.
Thanks for reading us. Wish you lucky dices!