Introducing: Slambo

   Games Workshop can surprise. And it's not always new brilliant miniatures, rules or story changing events.

   Here is Slambo. Re-issue of the classic Chaos warrior miniature. However, the miniature was so "classic", that even this re-issue has caused multiple laughs on the Internet - he is too far from modern miniatures standards, still...

   We've found only a part of all the pictures, teasing poor Slambo. The fact, that the new miniature is made from resign and costs whole 15 pounds, only adds fuel to this fire.

   However, if you look closer - this miniature is not that bad. Anyway, it's quite massive - even bigger than a space marine. 

   And the rules are playable and interesting. As all the rules in Age of Sigmar, though.

   Good painting makes Slabmo really beautiful. And why there's so much noise around it... Love your miniatures!