Close action terrain

   We usually use not so many pieces of terrain on the battleboards. Today we'll talk about detailed and close-action terrain, including interiors. There are solutions for skirmish or special wargames. Sure, we used the examples of the awesome works of different authors found on the Internet.

   As you can see, it's impossible to place a big army on such narrow streets. So, you have to use less detailed terrain is you want to play full-scale wargames.

   Such wargaming tables are suitable for games like Mordheim (does anybody play it?) skirmish modes of Warhammer and Malifaux. ALso, they are masterpieces by themselves.

   There are solutions like that not only for fantasy. This work called "The 8th platform" demonstrates how a perfect killteam battleboard should be. 

   Another game which requires a lot of terrain is Infinity. However, don't forget that sometimes you need space to moove your miniatures.

Just imagine, how hard it is - to paint all these detailed interiors.

   There is awesome detailed terrain even for the Star Wars wargames. 


    Even if you are not going to play on such terrain - it's a great base for your photos!