Ruins terrain

   Games Workshop has announced a new set of terrain - the ruins of an ancient temple. So, we collected some examples of the ruins of the same kind.

   The easiest way to make such ruins - is to build ruins yourself. You don't need any architectural skills - you just need to cut out some bricks from PVC and build the remains of the walls.

   They shouldn't even be straight - this is a ruin anyway. You can even use empty frames. Build your ruins in small parts or in big sections.

If you try hard you may get something really amazing.

   Sure, you can also use the existing parts of terrain and combine them in different ways. The main thing is to keep the same scale with your miniatures.

   Cheap sets by Russian manufacturers like Technolog can be also useful - you don't need many details for the ruins.

If you have enough bitz, you can even make corrupted ruins like this.

Gothic ruins will be great both for fantasy and sci-fi wargames.

   The masterpieces like this require skills and time, but they will definitely change your battleboard.

   If your battle mat lets, you can build the whole section of ruins. This is more comfortable if you have a permanent place to play and don't need to transport it. And it looks quite solid. However, there are definitely fewer options.

   Don't be afraid to try. Ruins are the easiest thing to build. So, anyway, you'll get something at least tolerable. And if you try hard, you can make a real masterpiece.