Painting Hellblade

Bloodletters of Khorne are furious avatars of hatred, killing in the name of the Blood God. Sure, their weapon must look demonic and evil. Today we'll learn how to make it. This is a simple guide suitable for any other flame weapon. 

First,you need to cover the blade with Wild Rider Red.

Next - drybrush the blade with White Scar. It's all going to become yellow soon. 

Cover the hole blade with Lamenters Yellow. Now it starts to burn...

Now you need to be more accurate. Cover the flat surface of the blade with Reikland Fleshshade. But don't touch the yellow edges.

Wait until it completely dries and then repeat this step.

We repeated it 3 times but if you want a different tone, you can vary the number of layers.

Then wash it the same way, but with Nuln Oil. This layer should be smaller so that the previous one would be visible.

Repeat this step one more time. Again - you can vary the number of layers.

It's done! Looks really vicious... Now we need to finish the whole model...