Waaagh! Railroad Troops (part 1)

Do you think only soldiers of Death Korps of Krieg refused to change their rifles a la WWI to trendy lasguns and bolters? Do you think only Imperial Guard Regiments remember how to conduct trench warfare? Hell no! Greenskins boyz can give a Roland for an Oliver with their railroad armored train called "Smelly Wind"! This machine was made by russian artist Stuger. It reminds the times of Revolution in Russia and is quite ready to inflict a crushing defeat on conservative Krieg's troops!



This is the first post in a series of news about Orkz Railroad Troops. Let us introduce to you the first "Smelly Wind" wagon, called 'Smialy'!











Here is the crew of the wagon, сrazy swashbuckling Orkz-machinists:





This glorious train-machine can defeat any Imperial enemy, that stands on the way of Greenskins Revolution! Viva la Waaagh!