Using Shadowspear to make mono-primaris roster

   We’ve already tried to make a roster based entirely on primaris space marines. (spoiler: unsuccessfully). Now we have a whole box of new units – Shadowspear. Let’s see, whether it changes anything in this roster.

   And before we proceed to the new starter units, let’s use another new primaris – Mr. Calgar with his bodyguards. He seems to be the only primaris space marines, dangerous in close combat, so he’s definitely worth taking. Also, our roster specifications don’t let us to use Guilliman. It also makes all army Ultramarines, but, since Raven Guard is nerfed now, we don’t have many choices here. Give these guys a Repulsor (what else), and fill spare places with Agressors. No primaris roster could do without them. They are able to disembark separately and destroy screen, which protects valuable units from Calgar, or they can even join close combat – they still have their fists.

   By the way, we won’t also refuse of Hellblasters. They might need one more Repulsor for better performance. Quite expensive, but we don’t have any other choice. There are rumors about 2 new primaris types of transport, but we still don’t know anything about them. You can choose Repulsor’s wargear depending on the expected enemy, but we recommend to make it as cheap as possible – you still need to take many units.

   And here we finally have our new things. As we already said, new Infiltrators make a perfect troops choice, mostly because they don’t need any transport. Sure, they are more expensive than Intercessors, but the advantage of the maneuver is worth it. There are 10 of them in Shadoswpear box, so we’ll take two units of 5 – they can immediately capture the objectives in the middle of the battlefield, and distract the enemy a bit, while transports are approaching. Let’s also take 5 Intercessors for homescoring – the more different models our army has, the better.

   New librarian is also a good ides – his psychic powers can be really useful. Since they mostly affect Phobos armor units, you may take Reivers with grav-chutes. Such unit may either deepstrike behind the enemy lines or be held in reserves for a while and used wherever you need to intensify the pressure.

   So, we have a legitimate roster around 2000 points but still didn’t take all the new units. Let’s expand it to 2500. Eliminators will be definitely useful – there’s still some place in heavy support, and the chance to target a valuable enemy character is definitely useful. 

   Captain or lieutenant in Phobos armor depends on what kind of re-rolls do you need more. Practically, they act like their usual colleagues. There’s a great warlord trait that adds +1 to hit to units around them, so, if there’s no way to give it to Calgar, one of these guys is a must. Otherwise, you can save some points here.

   We won’t take Supressors. They are ugly and useless. Let’s just pretend, they’ve never existed. It’s better to rake Inceptors squad with bolters, or even a Redemptor dreadnaught, nonetheless he doesn’t match the concept of the mobile army.

   And this army is really mobile. Almost all squads are either inside the transport, or can deploy wherever they want. And new primaris really help here. Mostly because troops are no longer just obligation here, but a capable instrument. Sure, this is a funplay army and it can’t win any tournaments. But this answers the initial question «Can we make an army entirely of primaris space marines». And what other units would you like to see in such army?