Necron conversions

   Since Necrons are in the spotlight today, let's look at the most interesting conversions we could find on the Internet. Necron miniatures are kind of boring and every idea can be useful.

   Comparing with Tomb Kings from Fantasy Battles many players give snake tails to their Necron Lords. Looks quite good.

   Since Destroyer Lord miniature doesn't look interesting, players have to create something special. For example - these spider-like bodies.

Dark Eldar Talos parts will also do.

   Or you can combine two Necron miniatures. However, Canoptek spider is useful itself.

   You might remember multiple Kryptek variants from the 5th edition codex. Sure, there were only 2 of them, which everyone used, but some handymen made all of them. Here you can see a great example of how you can make them really different. 

Necrons are a nice army to try different weathering and aging techniques.

    Even Praetorians sometimes can have snake tails. Anyway - Triarchs should be somehow different...

   Vehicles can also be altered. Since there are multiple Rhino patterns, why there can not be multiple Barge patterns?

And here is a reference to Dark Eldar - pirate Necrons... why not?

We've already posted a whole series of these conversions. What a great job of hands and imagination!

   And the best thing is the Monolyth with LED-lights. It's quite obvious and simple but looks great. The model has enough space for the construction and batteries. All you need is to find proper lights.