Necromunda release

  The pre-order for Necromunda: Underhive starts on 11th of November. But Games Workshop has already launched the site where they show all the required information. So, we've gathered it all in one place.

   As you can see, the starter set is quite large - 2 bands, carton, and plastic terrain, the battlefield, and cards. And the most interesting - templates and scatter dice! Innocently killed in the 8th edition they warmly greet us in Necromunda. Seems like the reason to try!  The price is 75 pounds.

   On Warhammer TV channel you can already watch many videos about the setting and gameplay. So, you can already decide, whether you are interested in this game or not. 

   Both houses from the starter set were in the old edition of Necromunda. We are promised the other 2 by the end of the year and 2 more in the beginning of 2018. It seems GW is going to develop this game really intensively.

   The described gameplay looks really logical and simple. But more complicated and versatile than recent Shadespire, nonetheless Necromunda is also a tabletop game, not a full-scale war game. 

   By the way, painting guide for the local terrain is suitable for any other industrial buildings, so don't miss it.

   We hope necromunda will appear really as interesting and fun as it seems now. We'll post a complete review in our blog as soon as we get the box!