Multi level terrain

   Games Workshop have announced a new game - Shadow war Armageddon. In fact, it's a new mode for playing Warhammer Kill Team. However, the most interesting part of this set is terrain, included into the box.

   This terrain differs from standard GW ruins. It gives a wide second (3rd or 4th) lever of gameplay. Considering looming 8th edition, we could suggest that that vertical gameplay will be a great part of the future wargames.

   But you don't need to wait for the official release. We've found some ideas of such terrain, which you can use yourself.

   The main point is to think in advance how you are going to use upper levels. Usually, they are just a place for snipers but with the concept of vertical gameplay, they must be wide enough to have the whole squad on them and available from below.

   Think about the place for 5-10 men squad, since you need a lot of models to represent a real fight on the upper levels.

   Terrain presented below is a great example of how a nice idea can be promoted via Kickstarter. In skirmish games vertical gameplay is even more important that in massive wargames. 

   Don't forget that upper levels shouldn't prevent you from placing models on the lower ones. So, make them removable to leave more opportunities.

   The easiest way to create an extra level is to use such laser cut constructions - they are easy to add to any battle mat or any other terrain.

   It's really interesting, how Games Workshop are going to create rules for such gaming boards. We are really looking forward to it!