Your Design Of Battle Board

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Your Design Of Battle Board Your Design Of Battle Board
Your Design Of Battle Board Your Design Of Battle Board
Your Design Of Battle Board
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Your design of wargaming table. You can use any image you want to print a mat on any of our materials. Just choose options you need. It is a kind of "web printing machine". You send us image, we work on it and print it on our mat, pack and ship to you. Custom sizes are also possible, please, write us:

Please, be aware: our own designs pass through 5 color tests before being approved. It is impossible to know the printing result of your image, unknown for us. Colours may be shifted, usually are darker than on you display (there is no backlight on a mat!). 

How can I send you an image? Add a cloud link with your image to checkout comment.

Resolution: Image should be at least 70 DPI. So, for 3 x 3 ft mat it will be great to have image more than 2500x2500 pxls. For 6 x 4 ft: 5000 x 3300 pxls. We can work with smaller images too, but you should understand: quality will be lower.

Format: Doesn't really matter, we can convert. If talking about ideal: TIFF format and CMYK colors. You need to go deeper? Alright, CMYK Coated Fogra 39.

Danger Zones: for Mouse Pad Rubber, please, do not place important inscriptions or elements closer than 10 mm to edges (15 mm for 2-sided mats). They may be cut off. For Fabric mats - 15 mm of danger zone both for 1 and 2-sided. For Vinyl mats - only 6 mm!

General information:

  • Everything is "in stock" and available for order. We will produce your order in one week
  • We can place any layout on a mat or make a special size (see “Custom Work”)
  • Layout can not be 100% accurate because of thermal expansion/shrinking and cutting
  • Please, be aware, an error in customization can only lead to a refund of the cost of customization works (not to a refund of full mat price)
  • What do our layouts look like? Check out this PDF!
  • Color will be not the same as on your screen, we do our best to give you the most pleasant colours 
  • The image resolution is 28800x14400 pxls for a 96x48" mat

Mouse Pad Rubber:

  • Matt synthetic fabric with 2mm (3/32 inch) thick rubber backing
  • Bag included (black one as on preview)
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch, muffles the noise of dice rolling
  • You can wash it with water. The colorful sublimation print won't fade or wear
  • 100% not slippery, and it clings to the table
  • Scratch, beer, and water resistant. Paints are inside the fabric
  • Size may vary +/- 1% due to stretching
Fabric (Cloth):
  • 100% polyester named "Blackout"
  • 1/32 inch or 0.8 mm thick
  • Bag included (A4 envelope style, not as on preview). Bag may be changed, as sometimes our supplier is out of stock. 
  • Detailed, colorful sublimation print won't fade or wear
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • Anti-wrinkling
  • May be sewn together (so, max size is not limited)
  • Do not curl on edges
  • Machine wash allowed
  • Composite material with polyester netting and plasticizer-filler
  • Cardboard tube included (not a bag)
  • Water, temperature, and hit resistant
  • 1/32 inch or 0.8 mm thick

If you have an idea for mats or you think we can improve our design or add some features or options, please, write us about it!

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