Lego Warhammer

   They say you can build whatever you want from Lego bricks... Not sure about everything, but miniatures from our favourite Universe of Grimdark future definitely can be built from Lego...

   Imperial vehicles look almost like their prototypes due to the box-shaped concept.

   Which can't be said about infantry... However, you still can see some similarities.

   It must be said that there's no official Lego Warhammer series. And it's not likely to be created. Lego makes peaceful toys after all. All these miniatures are created by the individual sculptors with almost unchanged original parts.

   Sadly, lego Titan will cost you no less than his official counterpart.

   There are a lot of communities which focus on building different original models from Lego bricks. Warhammer is in this list really often, but not all the sculptors know the tabletop game really close. 

   Futuristic Tau Empire also looks great in such square style.

   Sure, not all the copies look great. There's a simple rule - the more straight lines - the easier to build from Lego.

   And great diorama in conclusion. By the way...Lego can be a nice base for the terrain! But this we'll discuss next time...