Khorne berzerkers conversions

   Games Workshop published new rules for World Eaters legion and they are awesome. Now Khorne warriors have an additional attack for charging which can lead to the 120 attacks from 10 berzerkers if combined with the stratagem to hit one more time. Re-roll to hit is no question also. But there's another problem - we didn't get new miniatures, and the old ones are not nice at all. So, here are some ideas, found on the Internet how to make your berzerkers better.

   The easiest way is to use Forgeworld upgrades. They still look more brutal than the usual bits.

   Age of Sigmar Khorne bits are also a good idea. Please. don't simply glue backpack to Blood Warriors. Use their parts wisely - just like here. Even starter Chosen can become perfect berzerkers.

There are very original ideas - almot without armor. Why not - it looks brutal.

In general, you can reach a nice result bu just reposing usual models.

Dynamic Raptors' legs are also a solution - simple. but effective. 

You can compare current miniatures with their ancestors and see that it's not that bad now.

   By the way, don't forget to take this combination - chainsword + axe. Only it gives you one additional attack with the sword so that you could get 120.