Warzone Studio Infinity the Game tokens giveaway

Hi! Warzone Studio has decided to make files of our tokens for Infinity the Game available for everyone. Anyone can download them from the link: http://warzonestudio.com/Downloads/Infinity-for-laser-cutting-Warzone-Studio.zip 

Inside this pack you’ll find:

In Infinity, a tactical tabletop skirmish game, the fluid dynamics of battle are vividly represented by myriad game states, abilities, and effects. Tokens and templates are essential tools to streamline gameplay and provide clarity:

In conclusion, tokens and templates are not just optional accessories, but integral components that amplify the Infinity wargaming experience, making each battle more clear, strategic, and visually compelling.

We hope you find them useful for your games. Also don't forget that you can buy 48"x48" mats designed for Infinity the Game right here on the website: