Top Most Unusual Miniature Space Marines

Nowadays space marines are one of the most recognizable symbols of Warhammer 40k universe. Space Marine's cosplay can be met at every big roleplay, tabletop games or geek convent and almost every wargamer, who makes Imperium or Chaos army, wants to create his own unique Legion. So that's not a surprise, that a lot of funny and odd spacemarine conversions were born. Behold our top of the Most Unusual Custom Space Marines!


1. LEGO-legion:




2. Star Marines:




3. Buzz Lightyear the Spacemarine:




4. Pony Marines:




5. Santa the Spacemarine:



That's how he delivers all the presents in time!



6. Hello Kitty Marines:




7. Barbie the Spacemarine:




8. Rasta the Emperor's Champion: