Top Imperial Knights

An Imperial Knight is a small combat walker that is a one-man version of a Titan. However, a Knight is smaller and less capable in combat than even the smallest class of true Titan utilised by the Titan Legions, theWarhound-class Scout Titan. Knights normally deploy in squadrons comprised of several of these war machines.

These ancient battlesuits stand thirty to forty feet tall, are protected by nearly impenetrable Ion Shields and armed with a devastating array of heavy weapons.

Imperial Knights are colossal war machines that tower over the battlefield. They are propelled into battle by powerful servos and have the power to kick over tanks and crush soldiers into red paste.

 Vulnerable limbs and joints are protected by sweeping armour plates of adamantium and supported by an incorporated Ion Shield which responds to the thought-commands of its noble pilot. 

The presence of just one of these towering engines of destruction is enough to change the course of a battle, and only the Titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus are more feared by the enemies of Mankind.

As you could see, today we're talking about one of the most popular GW models ever and the most popular model of 2014. This release was a big succes and gave birth to many other types of Imperial Knights from Forge World. And to many conversions. Today we are reviewing some of the most remarkable ones, found in Internet, as well as just nice painted models.

No one was confused that the Knights are IMPERIAL. Conversions started to burst out as soon as the kit was released.

Now we have 5 modifications of IK only from Games Workshop. And about 10 from Forge World. So, everyone can choose a Knight for his own.

Here are the official videos from Games Workshop, where Duncan tells you how to assemble and paint a classical Imperisl Knight. Easier that it seemed.

So, take your Imperial Knights, no matter, what army you play, and put them on a well-designed table. Where to get it? We have the answer