Artist Section

Friends, the world is changing, and we try to keep up! Introducing our new section on the website, dedicated to custom miniature painting!
Here, artists of different levels and prices seek those in need of their services, or customers search for an artist based on price and painting style.
It's quite simple and intuitive, but just in case, we'll assist you with this straightforward guide!

If you're looking for an artist to paint your soulless gray plastic, then:
1. Visit our website at
2. Go to the section More > Commision Painting Net
Or directly follow this link:

2.    Set the search parameters for the artist you need, who is already registered on our website. Specify the country, region, and city if you want to find an artist closer to your location. Click search and choose from the available options!

What if you are an artist and want to offer your miniature painting services?

  Register on our website

  In your personal account, go to the "Miniature Painting" section.

Choose "yes" in the item "Add me to the list of miniature artists"

Your name or the name of your workshop
Provide a link to your page or a gallery of your works
Indicate the country, region, and city where you work
Click the "Edit" button to save the changes you made to the profile.

Congratulations, now you will be listed in the artists' section, and all you need to do is wait for your clients!