How to paint 40 poxwalkers in a couple of evenings

   You can't deal without Poxwalkers when playing Death Guard. You need really a lot of these guys, and the miniatures are well-detailed. So, painting can be a real problem here. Let's see how it can be done really quick.

   Poxwalkers are useful almost always. Even considering that now they can infect enemy models only if you left some points for this. Quite stupid. They are still durable, cheap and take troops slot. It makes them perfect scouring. Also, near Typhus and under the Putrescent Vitality spell they gain Strength 5 and can deal serious damage with their number of attacks. So, you'll probably have something about 40 of these guys in your army. How can you paint them?

   First, you need to cover Poxwalkers in some light color. White, light-gray, bone, sand - anything that you have. You can also mix the colors and try different options in one squad - zombies can look different. And if you really want to make it quick, use spray paint.

   Next - shade the skin. In fact, any main Citadel washes are suitable - Nuln Oil, Reikland Fleshshade, Atonian Camoshade, Seraphim Sepia. Again, you can mix them as you wish, since a crown of different zombies looks better.

   After the skin is dry, let's wash the details - poxes with green, bruises, tumors and tentacles - with purple, bones - with brown, and so on. Here you can also choose differently. It's better to apply wash in two thin layers. It takes them much time to dry, but this method is made for painting multiple models at once, so they'll have enough time for it.

   When everything is dry, you need to edge all the sticking parts with the color, which you used for the basic skin. You can use drybrush here, but not too intensive. THis way you will bind the colors together and add more volume to the model. Poxes look nice if you paint them with technical Nurgle's rot. Also, this paint looks nice if you apply a thin coat of it on the tentacles and rotting parts. Don't forget to paint eyes (white center dot, then covered with any glaze) and highlight teeth.

   Next, you need only to paint weapon and clothes details. It's all up to you. The aim of this article is to tell you about the most difficult part - the skin. Sure, these miniatures don't pretend to have a Golden Daemon award, but this way you can paint all your Poxwalkers in a decent way in a couple of evenings.