Glowing runes

Today we'll show you an easy way to paint glowing runes on armour or weapons of your models.

I've been waiting for the Brutal Emissary since the announcement. The concept and design are just great. However, I was a little disappointed by the sword. It has so few details for such a big part. In fact, it looks like an unfinished 3D model. So, I decided to paint some runes on it. 

Initial operations are  the same as with any metal weapon - base paint is Leadbelcher and the wash is Nuln Oil.

Then highlight it with Ironbreaker.

Paint the runes with Maccrage Blue. I used runes from the famous ancient runestone Möjbro as an example.You can take any runes you like. A sharp brush and a lot of accuracy is a must.

Now you need even more accuracy. Use Lothern Blue (or any other light-blue colour) to repeat runes shape leaving the dark colour on the edges.

Now you need Guilliman blue to make the colour more smooth. Cover the hole runes and even paint some metal - it will make runes' glow more realistic. 

The hardest part - use any white colour to paint the centre of the runes leaving all the previous layers to show. 

With such a sword it looks more interesting, isn't it? Sure, you can take any other colour of glow, following the same scheme.

Now I can finish the rest of the model. There's still much work to do!

How do you think, is the glowing effect good?

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