How to paint frost weapon

   Almost every wargame has some creatures, who dwell in ice and use frost weapons. Today we'll learn to paint such weapon really easy so that even the beginner could make his frost blade look magic. 

   You'll need to work with white colour for this - so, if your model is primed in grey or black, you'll need to cover the blade with some kind of a bone colour first. Citadel base colours like  Zandri dust will do well. Pay attention, that the handle should be already painted in base colour. 

   Next, apply the white colour. You can choose any manufacturer you like since Citadel white colours are not that good. Even if you've prepared the blade with a previous step, it's better to apply two thin layers to make the colour solid. 

   After that you'll need Citadel blue glaze - Guilliman Blue. Apply a lot of it on the blade. Don't worry if it lies not evenly. 

   For the next step, you need any kind of a green wash. You can choose more saturated shade if you want your blade to be more magical, or dilute it to make it look more realistic. The main thing is to leave the previous layer to show and not to apply too much green. 

   Next, return to the white. Use a dry brush to apply it all over the blade and the handle. It's really important to leave on the brush as little paint as possible - the previous layers need to be visible. 

   Quite easy. After all these steps you may apply transparent gloss to make the ice shine.