New Dawn of War 3 trailer. Orks!

New Dawn of War 3 trailer. Orks!

   Finally, we've got new Dawn of War trailer. This time it demonstrates orks. let's compare juicy new arts and orks from the previous parts of the game. 

   It's already stated that the core game will include Space marines, Eldar and Orks. All 3 factions will be available for playing. 

   However, there's no use to be upset for those who prefer others. In the previous DoW games there were also not so many playable factions in the beginning. But releases of add-ons let us play almost every race in Warhammer 40 000 universe.

   Orks also were presented in the second part, but firstly, as an opponent, not as playable faction. 

   But in the Retribution add-on we've got the whole campaign for orks. However, all the campaigns there were made in the same way...

   But you could play orks in multiplayer just from the outset. Those, who denied this game for major gameplay changes, bought it only for playing against friends. 

   Today models from the first DoW look a bit funny - they were inspired by the 4th edition of rules and really differ from the modern Warhammer. 

   Orks were also there from the beginning and got a campaign in the first add-on. Nonetheless, they shared it with Chaos space marines.

Well, the graphics has gone really far since then...

And here's the trailer itself: