Start collecting Black Legion army

Since GamesWorkshop has released brand new box from Start Collecting series, we shall see,how a CHSM beginner can start his army, based on this box. And so that to soundfresh and new, we’ll use new reissued Black Legion Supplement as a basis. Thebox contains 1 Chaos lord in terminator armor, 10 tactical marines and 1Hellbrute. It’s perfect, since all these units are required for the formation. 


Weshall use «Black Legion Warband» formation. It looks complete and can solvedifferent goals on the battlefield. 1000 points is enough for the beginner.Special rules for this formation give «Preferred enemy» special rule to allformation’s units until the end of the phase, if at least one enemy unit wasslain. Moreover, characters, who roll on Chaos boons table, can do it twice.Really helpful!

1 – Lord.Lord in TDA is not the best choice ever, but 2+ save and Deepstrike can bequite useful. You can give him any marks and wargear, you want, but the bestchoice would be mark of Khorne – it allows him to take Axe of Blind Fury (yes,artifacts from the main codex are allowed) – one of the best melee weaponsever. So, we have our Warlord for155 points.

2 –Tactical marines. There’s no use it taking squad of 10 men, so we can make twoof 5 – exactly, what this formation requires. And since we still don’t havemodels for Chaos Chosen, you can use your imagination and some spare bitz andtake two squads of chosen with 4 meltas, plasmaguns or flamers each, dependingof your goals. The hardest part here is to find 3 more special weapons inaddition to the box. 

Also,you should take care of transport – If you buy 2 Rhinos in addition to the box,the mobility of your army will increase greatly. Those, who are barefoot, don't live long! So, its maximum 195 points per squad.

3 – Hellbrute.Not the best choice, but theformation requires him, or Havocs squad, and the Hellbrute is easier to get.You can choose weapon options depending on his battle role, but the most commonis the shooting concept with missile launcher and lascannon or autocannon. It will cost you from115 to 130 points.

So, now ourstart collecting box is over. All units have found their battle role and seemready to fight. But we still need some additions.

4 –Terminators. The formation requires either unit of terminators of possessed.Since our Lord still needs company, Terminators are your choice. You can use 3,4, or 5 of them with different weapon options. Since our Lord is melee oriented,it would be nice to give terminators Mark of Khorne too. Drop all this band viaDeepstrike and crush enemies’ sculls in the name of Blood God!

5 – Bikers.Yes, exactly these guys. The formation requires them, Raptors or Warp-talons,but bikers are the cheapest, yet the most suitable choice due to Turbo-bust andJink. They can do quick scoring and deliver some problems to vehicles if yougive them meltas. Such squad would cost 103 points.


So, we’vedone! You have an army of 850 -1000 points, depending of what wargir you take,quite flexible and able to perform multiple tasks. Moreover, it’s quite cheapin money and leaves a lot of possibilities to expansion. Hope, it’ll bring youvictory in the name of Dark Gods!