Age of Sigmar best models

Some people like Age of Sigmar, some hate it. However, no matter what you think about the whole gaming system, you can't argue that miniatures are second to no one.  Amazing design and thousands of details make them extremely hard to paint, but also adorable when painted. So, take a look at some bright examples.

Stormcast Eternals are the new army designed especially for AoS, but they already have a wide range of models and a lot of followers. Some even make space marines of them. But the best way is to follow the original design and play them as a solid army dealing merciless justice to the sworn enemies of order in blinding flashes of celestial anger.

Khorne Bloodbound - Bellowing triumphantly, screaming their mocking chants and exaltations to the Blood God, the Gorechosen Champions are an absolutely terrifying example of Khornate hatred and might. Armed with hackblades, goreaxes, spears and hammers, these bringers of savage butchery exemplify the virtually indiscriminate, murderous wrath of Chaos – where they walk, the mortal realms themselves tremble.

This particularly loud and brash orruk is Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork – undisputed boss of bosses, known to all as an unstoppable force of absolute destruction and the herald of the next Great Waaagh!. Notable for his sheer ferocity and vicious cunning, Gordrakk wields twin axes – Smasha and Kunnin’, once part of a single great axe called the Worldchoppa, but broken in two to make them more killy – and rides a belligerent, murderous Maw-krusha. This Maw-krusha, Bigteef, is claimed by orruk legend to have been hewn from Gordrakk’s massive surplus of raw brutality.

Treelord Ancients are amongst the very oldest living creatures that dwell in the realms. Not only are they warriors of renown, able to go toe-to-branch with the hardiest enemy, they’re also potent spell-wielders capable of casting down the vengeful wrath of the Wyldwoods

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