Adeptus Custodes codex announced

   You surely have heard about the announcement of new Adeptus Custodes codex which happened at the holiday Warhammer World. We couldn't ignore it and collected all the info for you at one place.

   In fact, the decision to re-issue one of the latest books of the 7th edition right now is quite strange. Even its previous version looked weird - a small book of one unit called a codex. Now there are more units, but the book still seems too small. Is it wise, to release such book while there are a lot of big factions waiting for the codex? 

   There are rumors that it was something wrong with one of the planned books, so Custodes had to fill in the gap in order to save money. And due to this some of the announced units and the rules for them will appear later. So, don't judge the upcoming book as it is. 

   The first of the announced units - Custodes terminators. There will be options for a champion and for the standard bearer. Also, they are promised to be an ultimate threat in close combat. 

   The second unit is a slightly changed version of the usual Custodes. We don't know what is the difference yet, however, they look pretty cool. 

And these guys also have champion and standard bearer options.

Also, there's a new character - maybe it's Valdor, or some new commander. 

   And the most unexpected - jetbikes. They look really great and can make this codex more playable. We all know how the armies composed entirely of slow close combat units can act...

   It's interesting, how the new book will interact with Forgeworld models - there are quite a lot of them - different unique vehicles, units and upgrades for usual Custodes. If GW decides to include Forgeworld's units into the codex - this will be the first codex of a kind. And this may make it a must for much more players...