Adeptus Titanicus reveal

   One of the biggest news from Warhammer fest is an announcement of Adeptus Titanicus - a stand-alone wargame in the Horus Heresy period.

   Adeptus Titanicus could be a successor of Epic - but at this moment there are only titans and imperial knights announced. Perhaps, if the game is popular enough, there will be other units from full-scale Warhammer.

   Sure, GW had to change the scale to place all these titans on the one battleboard. We'll have plastic Warlords in the same size as a usual imperial knight and imperial knights in the same size as primaris space marines. There will also be Reavers and Warhounds. The latter is not shown yet since the release is scheduled for October.

   The game itself will be released in August. As usual - a starter set, rules and separate sets for titans and knights.

   Since all the sets are plastic, we'll be able to vary the posing, change wargear and armor patterns. Sure, there will be some Forgeworld expansions.

   In general, this game highly depends on the sales. If it's profitable enough, GW might also release Eldar or Orks gargants and additional upgrade packs for Chaos.

   Here are some live photos of different parts of the set. Are you interested in this game?