How to paint Zoanthrope

Today we'll learn to paint such cute Zoanthrope. This colour scheme will be perfect fpr every Hive-fleet Behemoth lovers, who want to stand out a bit.

First, primer the model in black.

Then apply base coats: Mephiston Red for flesh, Bugman's Glow - for brain and Incubi Darkness for carapace parts. Zandri Dust will be fine for teeth. You can be a bit messy at this stage - you'll have to restore colours anyway.

Wash it all with Agrax Earthshade. But don't touch the brain - it is waiting for another destiny. Make sure that the wash has dried completely before you continue.  

Restore colours. Use the same base coats once more, but now leave some shades in recesses. You can finish teeth at this stage - highlight them with  Karak Stone first, and Palyd Witch Flesh, then, leaving some of the previous layers.

The first layer of highlights. Cover all the sticking oft flesh surface with Evil Sunz Scarletleaving some of the previous layers. Paint carapace edges with Dawstone. You can choose an easy way and just sharpen the edges (like me) or to paint perpendicular stripes on them.

The second layer of highlights.  Highlight flesh edges with Ungor Flesh using a thin brush. Mark the tips of the carapace edges with Karak Stone, leaving Dawstone on the less sharp parts.

The brain. Cover all the recesses with Nihilax Oxide.You could highlight the veins with Ungor Flesh on the previous step.

Wash the deepest recesses with Druchii Violet.

Highlight all the upper parts with Cadian Fleshtone. If you consider this brain not powerful enough, just apply a thin coat of Guilliman Blue.

The marks on the carapace really make your model special. Also, it's a good way to distinguish the leaders of your army, Use Averland Sunset for base painting. The only limit is your imagination. Highlight the edges with Palyd Witch Flesh, and then smoothen the colour with Lamenters Yellow. Try not to touch the rest of the carapace.

So, we have such a beast! Feel free to improve this guide by adding or changing some colours. Don't be afraid to try something new!

A perfect terrain for such miniatures can be bought here