How to paint wood

   Today we'll learn to paint any wooden constructions. The method isn't quick, but it looks nice and it's suitable for almost everything. 

   Apply the base layer of Dryad Bark. This will let you make further layers apply better if you use black primer, or make the whole model look dark enough if you use gray or white primer.

   Then apply any beige color. Steel Legion Drab or Tallarn Sand will do. You can vary shades so that you could get different models in one army. It's ok to leave the previous layer to show - it will add volume to the final look. 

   It's time for the first layer of drybrush. The main point is to use a lighter tone than the previous one. So, you can take Karak Stone or mix the previous color with white. 

   Second layer of drybrush should be even lighter. For example - Ushabti Bone. Now you should focus on edges. After the drybrush is done, you can paint all the metal parts like chains, locks, etc.

   Now wash it all with Agrax Earthshade. Again - don't try to spread it equally - in our case, the drop of the paint on the corner of the coffin looks like a rotten part, which is nice. 

   Repeat the second drybrush, but now don't use it too much - focus only on the sharpest edges. Then you can use Agrax Earthshade again, but now only to bind the colors together - don't use too much paint. 

   Then, apply Seraphim Sepia wash. This will give the finished look to the wood. Don't forget about the previous layers - the feature of this method is the multitude of them. If you wish, you can highlight the edges a bit when the wash dries. Now you can finish all the metal parts and the rest of the model. 

Finished model.