Warhammer 40 000 new starter reveal

   Here is a new starter for Warhammer 40K! It has started the stream of new releases and now we have a lot of information about what is going to happen soon. We've collected all in one place for you.

   Pre-order for all this majestic stuff starts on the 3rd of June and will last for 2 weeks - until the release on the 17th. Dark Imperium Starter Set will cost £95.00, and will show the counterstrike between Death Guard and Ultramarines, consisting from the new true-scale marines.

   We've got a nice roster of Primaris marines. They look great, but there's still a threat that sooner or later we'll have to get rid of our old space marines models.

   It's interesting that the characters come on the terminator bases, nonetheless, they are equipped with usual power armor. 

   True scale finally lets you show a lot of things that were mentioned in books and supposed to be - for example, a helmet, attached to the hip with magnet grabs.

   Nevertheless, GW has promised that new marines will be armed only with bolters, here is a squad with 5 plasma rifles. It's interesting, what profile will it have.

   Jump pack marines cause some questions - why there are only 3 of them and if they could be armed with close combat weapons.

   While Primaris Marines were not such a secret, Death Guard models are something completely new.  

   It's really interesting to know how the new characters will work. For example, below there's a kind of plague chaplain, who can buff Nurgle models with his bell. 

   The Chaos part of the starter reminds of the Dark Vengeance - again accurate loyal squads with the same weapons and weirdley armed chaos squads, that can't be divided into groups of 5. Yes, 7 is a Nurgle's nubmer, but if there were 10 plague marines, nobody would be offended. 

   And of course, bew plague cultists, who are supposed to outweight Primaris Marines with the quantity. Not likely to happen, however the miniatures are nice.

   It's funny how a former forgeworld drone has become a part of plastic models universe. This new edition looks even better.

  New rulebook. It's great that it has hard cover even in starter set. It has 280 pages (100 for the background, 12 - core rules, and the rest - for the game modes). Looks tasty.

Some of the rules are even here - you can check them right now.

   Besides, new dice were announced. Command - for marking the events with command points...

   ...and wound counters. SInce there are some squads with 24 and more wounds, usual  D6 us no longer helpful here. 

New objective markers are the masterpiece!

   It's great that maelstrom is still with us. And there's a chance that missions will remain the same wich will let you use your old card deck. 

   No more codex. All the info you need about the races is now in these 5 books. Not too expensive, by the way.

   Well, it's high time to join the pre-order. Everything looks really interesting and promising.