Warhammer 40 000 8th edition announcement

   So, now everyone knows that the 8th edition of Warhammer 40 000 is not a myth and it's officially announced. We've tried to gather all the information here.

   There will be, as promised, three modes of the game - Narrative, Free play and classical, matched play with points cost. The first two suppose that you take whatever miniatures you like. Horus Heresy will remain the same with the 7th edition rules. (it really didn't need any changes). The gameplay is promised to be more logical, and not too simplified. Recent rumors and Shadow War rules confirm that.

   This map shows that the Imperium of Man has big problems. All upper zone is marked as Imperium Nihilus. But there are really important planets, such as Baal. Are they lost for the mankind? And considering the Warp spreading all ower the Galaxy and separation it into two parts - there'is no Astronomicon light there. It's really hard to imagine, what happens across Cicatrix Maledictum.

   Nonetheless, there are only 3 groups of factions on the new website, there's a rumor that this was only made for narrative and in the game, they will still be divided. It's great since there's no way co combine all Xenos armies into one like Imperium and Chaos. By the way, there's a lot if interesting information on this site. Check it!

   And the bad news - the rules are now in the war scrolls. And they've changed a lot - so your codex is just a book with nice pictures now. Sell it, before it's too late, or buy - if you want to keep it for the collection. They will no longer be available for sale. Well, let's hope this will improve the balance. 

   They've promised not only a new starter set (finally, Dark Vengeance miniatures will disappear), but mentioned new miniatures - pay attention to the new true scale space marines. Looks great, but it's hard to imagine, how they will correlate with other miniatures - characters and not-tactical squads. Also, there's a promise that all the miniatures will remain playable (even Forgeworld). It's really great.

   So, let's wait for the summer to come. There weren't such great changes in our favorite game universe since the appearance of the 6th edition (7th can be attributed to the same era). And now this era is over. Let's hope, we won't have to burn our armies like some Fantasy Battles fans did...