Warhammer fest 2017

   An annual Warhammer Fest has finished. A lot of news, rumors, photos. We've collected the most interesting of them in one place.

   Everyone seem to get used to new Primaris Marines. So, here we go - a new Primaris Dreadnaught. Much bigger than his colleagues and with the whole arsenal on his armor.

   Battles about the design have started immediately. It's kind of interesting, but it doesn't completely fit into the atmosphere of Grim Dark Future anymore.

   Of course, everyone was given a chance to look at the new starter models more carefully and even try the rules.

   Primaris marines in different legions colors remind us of the fear that soon we'll have to find a place to hide our old marines... Moreover, they've shown a new tank. The full renovation is near...

   According to the starter rules, Death Guard will hopelessly lose. Slow, limited and not as good survivors as promised - against all this plasma shooting. Hope, such "balance" is only for the starter.

   Plague Marines have almost the same rules. Which really looks sad comparing to Primaris marines. Well. at least, models, painted in pre-Heresy colors look nice.

   Speaking about Heresy. Forgeworld has also presented some new stuff. For example - painted and ready for the release Magnus the Red. Look, how big he is!

   New 1000 sons contemptor was shown before, but now we have a chance to look at it more closely and in colors. Awesome! Primaris Dreadnaught looks really poor in comparison to this guy.

   Except for the 1000 sons models, shown at the previous events, there were new Custodes terminators, transport for Sisters of Silence, new plane and a lot of cool stuff for these armies. It will be included in the next Horus Heresy book.

   The announcement of Gabriel Angelos was a surprise. Those, who considered Blood Ravens abnormal now have the answer.

   New turrets for SIkarian tank are definitely great. Still not a plastic edition, but great.

   And, of course, new Thunderhawk. Everyone expected the plastic one, but it's not. A huge respect to those masters who've assembled and painted it.

And, of course, Slabmo! Everyone loves Slabmo! 

   And the most attentive ones have already found Mortarion at the official art. However, GW has immediately released an official teaser. So, all we have to do is to wait...