How to use 'ardcoat

   A lot of beginners don't understand, why do they need  Citadel's technical paint 'ardcoat. In fact, this pot is your good friend. Today we'll show you 2 ways to use it, which really help any beginner and save time while painting the model. These are lens painting (also any jewelry and warpstones) and applying decals.

   This way of painting lenses is really convenient if you are not really good with a thin brush, or paint a lot of models at once and don't want to bother yourself with hotspots for eyes. First, you need to fill the whole lens with light gray color. In our case -  Dawnstone

Paint the center with white color. Be really careful and leave gray edges.

Then fill the lens with glaze paint of the color you like.We used Waywatcher Green. Let the paint completely dry.

Now - cover the lens with our 'ardcoat. This adds volume to the lens and imitates hotspots without actually painting them.

   Now - let's apply some decals. Shoulder pad is a round part - so you may need to make small cuts on the decal to make it lay flat.

   Cover the shoulder part with 'ardcoat. Decals apply much better and tighter on it. You can cover all the shoulder pad or only the place under the decal. 

   Next, keep the decal in warm water for a while and place it on the shoulder pad. It's very important to avoid too hot or cold water - the decal may tear in both cases. Then align it with a cotton bud - it will also delete extra water.

After it dries, apply another layer of  'ardcoat - this will fix the decal and protect it from scratches. 

   If you don't want this glossy shine, carefully touch the decal with a cotton bud, wetted in vinegar. Watch the reaction until you are happy with the result. Be really careful so that not to spoil the part.

We hope, the guide was useful and helped you with painting your army!