Swamp Grass tutorial

This simple, but effective guide will help you to imitate grass sticking out of the swamp. Rob Hawkings is a true master - he can create great things from nothing. So, thanks a lot for this great tutorial!

All you need is... Brush. Big wide brush. No need to take a new one since it will be the last goodbye for it. Use it to paint the green base in order to create the right color - It's too difficult to paint it separately. 

Put some silicon glue on the tip of the brush. Wait until it dries, then cut the  hair diagonally - to make your grass different in size.

Adjust your tuffets the way you need them. It's better to make them thin - more realistic. 

Put them onto the surface near the stones (you can make them of cork or take real small stones). Then add some water imitation.

Cut the tips of the grass to make it shaggier. That's it. Looks perfect!

This piece of terrain is better to put on the nice base. You can get it here