Sci-fi World 2017 Cosplay

   One more event for sci-fi lovers took place in Gothenburg at this weekend. Sci-fi World-2017. And there were almost the most realistic space marines costumes ever.

Even shoulderpards, which are usually the greatest problem, look nice and realistic. 

   If you want your space marine armor look proportionally you will definitely have to sacrifice your arms mobility.

Recent Death Watch codex has influenced the cosplayers indeed.

Just imagine, how hot this Space Wolfs terminator must feel inside his armor...

   May be he should make shoulderpads wider to make the terminator armor look more proportional. 

   If you decided not to hide your hands, you'll get something like this. It's sad - the whole suit is made great, however, hands and backpack are unfinished.

And couple of photos from the previous Sci-Fi World, which also deserve your attention.