Paper terrain

   Today we'll talk about paper terrain. You'll see, that it can look really natural and there are a lot of nice paper buildings for wargames.

   The main advantage of paper terrain is its availability. There are a lot of free templates, but even paid ones cost reasonably.

   Another advantage is that it's already painted. Just print it on the thick paper and you'll get a ready decision, no matter how bad you are in the painting.

   However, it still needs to be assembled. And this can be difficult. The paper is too soft and can easily be damaged. This is the first disadvantage - plastic and mdf are much easier to assemble.

   Besides, paper terrain wears out very fast. If it isn't on the table constantly, it will look worse in a couple of games and you'll have to think about change.

   And sure, paper terrain can't be as detailed and natural like plastic. You'll have to deal with sharp corners and dents. Sure, there are masters who can create a masterpiece from paper, but there are really few of them. Most wargamers will likely have some defects.

   Anyway, the paper terrain is best for sci-fi wargames. Such sharp edges really look nice in such setting.

Even the official Infinity terrain is made from paper.

   We hope, these samples of paper terrain inspired you on creating something unique and cool!