Old gold tutorial

This guide can help you to make your golden parts look old and weathered. It’s suitable for every model, but it looks best when on tanks and big surfaces. With this guide you will love golden parts!

You will need:

Step 1: Primer the surface with black primer. Mix Rhinox Hide and Retributor Armour in equal proportions and make the 1st layer.

Step 2: Shade all the surface with Agrax Earthshade twice. Then use Nuln Oil for lower parts and recesses.


Step 3: Take Retributor Armour and put it on the surface using stipping technique. (It’s almost the same as drybrush, but you need to stip with the thick rough brush. Make sure, you’re not using too much paint!)

Step 4: After the previous layer dried, mix Retributor Armour and Runefang Steel 3 to 1 and repeat the same operation, but leaving some previous layer and trying cover upper surface.

Step 5: If you want brighter colour, you can then repeat stipping with clean Runefang Steel until you are happy with the result.

We hope this work helped your inspiration! If you want to play such perfect model on a beautiful table, check our catalogue Have a nice day!