Necromunda Underhive details

   The rumors became truth and the new Games Workshop game is Necromunda.  Sure it can't be called completely new, but there's a generation of players, who don't know that there was an old one.

   There are only two factions yet, the ones from the starter set. Sure, much more are coming soon.

   It's great that Games Workshop is now reviving its own old games - Warhammer Quest, Bloodbowl, now Necromunda. Are you waiting for Mordheim?

   It seems somebody's just got a new set of cultists... If only they are not too big

   The release date is November. so there's much more to come. The field, miniatures, and photos look really attractive and definitely has its own spirit. It would be great to look at the rules.

   And here's an old Necromunda's box. As you can see, one of the old factions fas moved to the new game without changes. Succession is great.

However, an old starter set contained much more terrain.

   That is vertical gameplay! Will the new edition have something like that?

   So, looking forward to November to try a new game of gruesome battles in grim dark hive city.