Mortarion release

   Now we finally know the release date of Mortarion and Death Guard Codex. And also his major stat-line.

   As always, there are a lot of players, dissatisfied with the miniature. And as in often was before, this miniature is based on the old Blanche art, which is considered a perfect example of grimdark. Only wings are missing. May be they should make him standing on the ground, with the wings closed?

   By the way, his hands can be changed. And with the pistol in the right hand, he looks much better. What do you think?

   However, Forgeworld Mortarion from Horus Heresy still looks more grimdark. And it's great that his armor can still be found in the new demonic version.

   And the most interesting part - the stat line. Except those on the photo, there is -1 toughness to enemy units in 7 inches and Host of Plague, which is enabled at the beginning of the fight sub-phase and deals D3 mortal wounds to enemy units in the same 7 inches. More than Lord of Contagion and Tiphys have. Also, there will be 4++ and FNP. (Let's hope, it will be at least 4+) So what to do with that all?

   Toughness 7 disappoints a bit. Nurgle primarch could be much tougher. If his FNP is not better than the usual one, he will be an easy target. Besides, he can't be hidden anywhere. So, he might die before he gets close enough to fight. However, don't forget about the Miasma spell - he will be much more durable with -1 to hit. If Mortarion is psyker himself, this spell will be a must for you. The tactics is obvious - get into the enemy's forces center, weaken and destroy most of them due to the huge base you have. 7 inches is a decent range. And this guy is surely dangerous in close combat. However, don't leave him alone - it might be reasonable to teleport some terminators to him to create additional dangers and reduce the pressure on Mortarion. Also, he's likely to give them some kind of re-rolls. Also, we still don't know his point cost - and it's an important part of his playability. So, Mortarion can be dangerous. But you should use him wisely, creating extra targets for the enemy and placing him thoughtfully to deal maximum damage.

   And here are new limited plague marines. The postures are identical to the ones from Dark Imperium set, and the bodies and legs are completely similar. However, if you want an additional melta gunner or a base for your conversions - you are welcome.

Looking forward to the Death Guard codex release! There are many interesting units ahead.